Saturday, August 1, 2009

Everyone Wants a Pool Table Until They Have to Cart it Away

Around 1992, shortly after we had the basement of our home finished, my husband and I went out and bought a pool table. It was one of the reasons we'd finished the basement! With three school-age kids at the time, we thought it a great addition to family fun and a draw for our kids to invite friends over. We purchased a functional-looking but high quality slate-top table.

The pool table fulfilled our wishes. I have fond memories of my father, now 87, playing pool with the kids when he visited. Although our oldest daughter, as she entered her teens, tended to go more to her friends' homes than bring them to ours, our middle daughter spent many nights and weekends during her high school years in the basement playing pool with friends. Our son did likewise, and continued through his college years to enjoy many games of pool when he came home with groups of friends.

The kids are all in their twenties now and have moved out of the house. My husband and I have basically ignored the pool table for a few years, as well as the basement with its horribly dated and worn blue rug, and white walls in desperate need of a paint job. So we decided beginning of this year to recarpet and paint. What to do about the pool table?

The carpet guy assured me his installers could move it and put it back, despite its weight. Since we weren't using the table, my husband and I were leaning toward selling it or giving it away. Not wanting to go through the whole craigslist thing, filtering calls and emails for a serious prospect, we opted for the latter--we'd give it away.

The title of this post says all. We discovered everyone wanted a pool table until they had to cart it away (and figure out where to put it). Took a while to find someone, as we say in real estate, who was ready, willing & able, but my painter's brother-in-law finally came and got it last month (actually 5 guys came and carried it off).

Why do I tell this story in a blog devoted to real estate topics? Last week I wrote about the office market heating up, and it continues to do so. I conducted several more office tours again this past week, had one lease proposal accepted by the prospective tenants, with another one requested I will send out Monday. So that's one office space leased and potentially a second.

These two parties plus several more who toured space last week were all exploring lease vs. purchase options. I know at least two were checking with lenders. There are buyers who want to purchase commercial property until they come up against the realities of lender requirements. Money is tight right now but hopefully it loosens up soon.

There are some qualified buyers out there, however. One closed on one of our office listings in Cascades Office Park in Sterling (below) last week.

One of my clients closed on an office condo in Springfield two weeks ago and an investor closed on another of our office listings (pictured below) last month, where I still have one more office condo for sale, btw.

This post wouldn't be complete without a picture of the newly finished basement (without the pool table!), with thanks to my awesome painter, Manuel Colcas of JMC Painting , who also installed the French door, and Mike Rokni of Chase Gallery Carpet and Flooring who did the carpet and tile work.


  1. Pool Table is very much fun to play. It is really a great game that has been played for years and years, and I don't know of anyone who doesn't like the game. Thanks for sharing your experience here.

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  4. Your grandfather's pool table must be made of some quality materials to last that long. It must be hard for you to get rid of it as has two generation of memories attached to it. I'm glad you were able to refurbished and found who'll take it. =)

    Retha Ison

  5. Aww. Personally, I would've preferred keeping the pool table just for the sake of all the memories it held through the years. Yet it's also a good decision for you guys to give it away. And I do agree with your point, not just on pool tables, but for everything as well. Getting some of these recreational furniture does seem to be a good idea until such time that you don't have any use for it anymore. Had I read your blog before you have sold your pool table, I would have suggested to reuse the slate as a countertop or a workbench top. You'd be surprise how sturdy the materials used for such game table. The flatness also comes in handy on other projects that require a level surface.

    Albert Andrews